Arena Unafraid to speak out

The Los Angeles Galaxy boss, Bruce Arena, might have been handed a big fine by the Major League Soccer board, but, he is still not afraid of saying what he feels in the media.

The 62-year old American believes he did not do anything wrong by criticizing the league officials for not letting him secure the services of the playmaker Sacha Kljestan.

Kljestan who is a player of the Belgian club R.S.C Anderlecht at the moment was about to sign for Galaxy last month, but, the MLS officials, for some reason, interfered and did not let that deal take place.

That pissed Arena off and he publicly had a verbal go at the officials saying that they need to grow up.

Arena had this to say back then, “I don’t think we have got too many matured people in the board right now and that’s a shame. The kids can’t run such a big league.”

“I do hope that something is done about these rules during off season. The arbitrary rules are never good.”

The officials, obviously, did not like these words of Arena a single bit and they sanctioned him for breaking the code of conduct.

According to MLS rules, no player or manager can criticize the league officials publicly.

However, the fine doesn’t seem to have any affects on Arena. He still looks fearless and says what he thinks he should say.

Speaking to the media yesterday, he said he doesn’t regret the statement that he made a few weeks ago.

The former Yanks coach said, “I stand against any wrongdoing and that’s what I did. We go about the business in a very straightforward way here at Galaxy.”

Galaxy is at the second position in the Western Conference points table right now with 51 points.