Feilhaber Becomes Major Injury Worry For Kansas City

Benny Feilhaber has become the major injury worry for Sporting Kansas City in the next few weeks after injuring his left shoulder. However, the club have been given a major relief with the news that the shoulder injury is just a sprain and the player should be okay to play in a few weeks. It is looking unlikely that he will require a surgery in order to correct the problem. Feilhaber has stated that it is not unusual for him to miss a couple of matches in a season due to injury. He has recalled how this has been troubling him for the last few seasons.

Despite the constant niggling injuries, he has not missed more than a couple of matches during the course of the season. This should be good enough for the Sporting Kansas midfield. The club are looking to top the MLS table in the Eastern conference and they are just two points below DC United at the top of the table. They have been one of the top teams so far, but they have been suffering from poor form of late. The team has managed just one win in the last five matches, which is threatening to destroy their hopes of being in the race against DC United.

“Ever since I can think, over the last four or five years, I’ve gotten one small injury a year. So I miss about three or four games a year from being injured. If this injury doesn’t keep me out for too long, maybe this is the perfect time where I’ll be able to get back and not miss too many games. I didn’t know what it was, because I’ve never injured my shoulder. But I knew something was wrong because of the pain I felt right away,” said Feilhaber.