MLS Chosen Over European Football

The Major League Soccer is being favored highly by all soccer players over European football.

The prime reason is due to some of the top leagues of Europe like the series A, English Premier League, French Ligue1 and Bundesliga that are quite physical and demanding. The teams are made to join together in a major competition similar to the Champions League that gathers all the top players of Europe to jointly fight to achieve the biggest trophy and also to be awarded Champions of Europe. To become the champions of Europe is indeed not easy as you are not only playing with spectacular teams in Europe but also have to play in your own league too. For old players who are 30 and above, it is indeed challenging for their physiques.

As far as playing in MLS is concerned, it is not as tough, although it is quite competitive like that of Europe. Some of the renowned players of America are regarded as legends in the league. The names include Tim Howard, Brad Friedel, Clint Dempsey and Matt Miazga. There are many reasons that compel the players to choose MLS over Euro leagues.

Although all the Euro leagues can be played with and against, most people consider moving to MLS. Some of the players of MLS known as Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard have recently spoken about their views on this. The MLS in America does not have independent teams like that in Europe as they are mostly franchises. The football leagues in America also have certain features that are common when compared to other sports leagues of America. The soccer leagues of US have become similar to the leagues of the other countries in recent times. USL and MSL provide an option for games to close in ties and this was avoided through a penalty shootout earlier. Thus, choosing between the two leagues is indeed difficult, but most of them prefer MSL.