Montreal Impact Shake Off Poor Start

Montréal Impact appeared to have finally shaken off the poor start to the campaign after they have been winning two of the last five matches. One of the reasons towards this improved form has been Jack McInerney, who once again scored in the 3-0 win over Houston Dynamo during the weekend. More importantly, the team managed to keep a clean sheet and this delighted manager Frank Klopas. He said after the match that one of the key reasons behind McInerney’s better form is his willingness to help the team in defence, while he has also improved his work rate.

McInerney made some great runs in the match according to the manager. The 21-year-old now has scored six goals in the last 10 league matches, which is the kind of form that could help Montreal Impact get away from the bottom of the table. Marco Di Vaio, who at 37 years of age is one of the experienced players in the squad, says that McInerney is going through a spell when everything he touches turns into goal. With regards to this match, the 21 year-old scored an exquisite goal. Even though he was modest about his achievements, McInerney remains aware that he could help Montréal Impact move up the table.

“I just [wanted] to make solid contact, whatever happens, it goes in,” said McInerney. “Today, he made some great runs. We didn’t see him in the first half early because he was looking to get behind, and I think there were moments where we should have looked to play a little more direct, because his movement is very good. He wants to score. That’s a striker. He might not do anything, he might not be involved in the build-up or this or that, but then – boom – one opportunity,” said the manager.