25 thoughts on “Soccer Speed and Agility | 4 Cone Drill

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  2. Sure there are different styles of training that can improve your speed we
    have simply found kbands to be an effective training method. Each resisted
    rep allows you to build hip flexor and glute strength with is essential for
    speed. It’s really the only option out there for full range of motion
    resistance training.

  3. I would suggest staying away from ankle weights. To become faster you have
    to work explosively. Ankle weights give your body a swinging sensation and
    limits how quick you can move. This is the reason why kbands are such an
    effective training tool. By having resistance added above the knee you can
    train through full range of motion resistance to develop hip strength and
    stability throughout the hip girdle. We have seen big results training this
    way. KbandsTraining . com for kbands.

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