Youngsters are at the frontlines of FC Dallas

Oscar Parejo is doing an impressive job in charge of FC Dallas as he has constructed a young squad that has been able to do a number of impressive feats including winning the U.S. Open Cup and snatching the top spots of the Western Conference as FC Dallas is the only club that is competing against Colorado Rapids for the 1rst spot of the MLS.

The average age in the squad of Oscar Parejo is 26 years which means that he has a fairly young team that have been able to collect points and secure positive results against just about every other team in the league.

FC Dallas has one of the most developed youth academy programs in the MLS and it has been giving them positive effects as there are a consistent amount of rising stars that are able to snatch a spot in the first team instead of being offloaded on loan deals to other clubs.

What clubs usually do to their young players is offload them to other squads where they have a better chance of getting time in the first team but FC Dallas take the risk of giving their youngsters time on the playing grounds and it has been obviously paying off. Continue reading “Youngsters are at the frontlines of FC Dallas”