The growth and value of the MLS continues to increase

There was a point in time when the American League, the MLS struggled to obtain profits with teams playing against each other in empty stadiums and operational costs involving the reparations of playing grounds which cost the league to lost millions of dollars during it´s few years.

The MLS has experienced a huge transformation since it´s opening years as it has gone from having 10 teams competing to an expansion of 22 and it´s attendance is regularly exceeding that of the National Hockey League (NHL) as well as the National Basketball Association (NBA)

Clubs that are competing in the MLS now have an average valuation of $180 million which is significantly more than how it used to be years ago.

Players from all corners of the globe are entering the MLS as it´s growth keeps increasing and the commissioner Don Garber has recently talked about this positive turn that the American League has been going through as Garber said:

“Many of our players are coming from places where it’s not as easy to live, and they might not have the same economic opportunities or the same educational opportunities for their families¨

Garber continued on talking about the increase in value that clubs in the MLS have sustained as they are worth around 80% more than 4 years ago.

“I’d like to think I played a big role in that. At least I hope my owners believe that I did. It has been a slow, steady strategy. Bringing David Beckham, getting the television deals, bringing new corporate partners, and that got us to a new level.”

It´s believed that MLS will be able to reach an ever audience in the near future by signing a deal with a social media company to broadcast content online and allow even more viewers to watch games.

Some time ago, soccer was not considered to be a real big or important sport in United States but considering all the recent increase in terms of value, players and teams as well as the quality of football in itself which is being played, the sport is quickly becoming an attractive place to play and watch high level football.