25 thoughts on “Who Deserves the Next Expansion Team in MLS? w/ Du Nord’s Bruce McGuire

  1. New York (Cosmos), San Antonio (Scorpions), Orlando, Minneapolis, Atlanta are all good options. Although unlikely, it’d be nice to see Austin get some talk.

  2. Ive been very impressed by the recent selections for expansion teams. That being said i think the Dons making a huge mistake by forcing a second team in NY. Theres so many other cities, orlando, atlanta, indy, etc that are more deserving.

  3. Indy would be a nice addition, especially if the fans show up to back the teams. However, cities like Miami and Atlanta will extend MLS down to the southeast, which lacks a team. Minnesota would cover that space in the Upper Great Plains and Western Wisconsin that Sporting Kansas City or the Chicago Fire just do not cover. Phoenix is a big city with huge potential for garnering revenue for the MLS. Indy would be a good place for a team after all regions have at least one team established.

  4. I think cities like Miami (FUSION!), Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Phoenix should be 1st priority for expansion teams.
    Other cities for consideration should be St. Louis, Charlotte, San Diego, New Orleans, Las Vegas, (maybe) Detroit, and (maybe) Milwaukee.
    MLS’s first priority should be trying to establish a market in the Southeast and Midwest.

  5. Because we are not a Division 2 City… Its Do or Die! Seriously, St. Louis would have Seattle like support if we got a team. I know they were talking about trying to make the Rams Dome more capable of hosting soccer games in the upcoming renovations. Hopefully so…

  6. im from Atlanta also and that’s not really how Atlanta sports teams work, the braves, for example are generally represent the southeast region like Tennessee, Alabama, parts of Mississippi and carlina, the braves don’t get a lot of attendance but yet they are one of biggest franchise in baseball, there maybe might not be much attendance but seeing that not 1 team in southeast, Atlanta would be perfect and make SOOOOOOOO much money in that market, even though it may not look good on tv

  7. i think if orlando city becomes an MLS team ik for sure they would have good sell the prob is right now there only a small division right now but im sure if they go MLS there would be a good turn out (:

  8. Nope. It was originally an American soccer league, but now it is a North American soccer league. It is not “supposed to be an American soccer league”. That is a lie.

  9. First off watch your mouth and second MLS is supposed to a amercian soccer league why they added canadian teams idk nor do i care but the MLS should have teams in the big market cities which miami is and there is still not a team there thats all im saying.

  10. If you look at average attendance for 2012, the three Canadian teams are all in the top 8 in the league (out of 19 teams). If anything, Canada should get more teams.

  11. Wrong moron. Toronto FC has played to nearly 100% capacity over it’s 6 seasons in the league. It gets the best attendance relative to stadium capacity in the entire league. Vancouver has also got excellent attendance since it entered the league.

  12. Another unfortunate problem is some of the owners will not be willing to be committed to it because of being in a franchise system. If Don Garber were to hold a press conference and announce pro/rel, even giving a specific time frame, you will see at least half of the owners immediately try and sell their team. Of course, part of this is also due to the instability of lower leagues (huge gap in quality), but the stubbornness of owners being in a franchise system doesn’t help the situation.

  13. Oh we’d love to have pro/rel, the only problem is that there isn’t enough stability (yet). The top of the US and Canadian soccer pyramids are doing quite fine with the MLS, however when you look underneath that into the lower parts of the pyramid it’s pretty much total chaos. It’s getting better with the recent formation of the NASL and slight restructuring of the USL. Once there’s stability within those leagues, combined with gaining greater fan support, the MLS will definitely jump onto it.

  14. I’m from Atlanta, and while I would love to see Atlanta have their own team, I’m afraid we wouldn’t do a very good job at supporting them. If you look at our city, we come across as very apathetic fans. We don’t average very good numbers in any other sport (even our hockey team moved away, to Winnipeg!), and with the MLS trying to grow and become even more stable, I just don’t see Atlanta as a good option now. Orlando would be a better choice, considering all the support they’re getting now.

  15. I think you meant “barely stable.” MLS is way beyond “barely” stable at this point. I think you need to reinvestigate its current state. MLS is in a very comfortable place right now, with TV rights and attendance numbers WAY on the rise. So calling it “barely stable” is inaccurate.

  16. any chance for a european style league system with promotion and relegation?
    that would be a giant step for american sports in general.

  17. That was due to poor ownership and business plans, NOT from a lack of support or because it’s not a soccer market. Of course it doesn’t look good from a national perspective, but the biggest thing that kept St. Louis from beating out Philly was shaky financial stability from the potential owners, which turned out to be valid once AC STL was sold to an even less stable group. With no leader with money we may be pretty far down the list of likelihood, but no franchise-less city is more deserving.

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