Caleb Porter believes his team was the better one but they still lost

The team of Caleb Porter experienced their 9th defeat of the season on August 30 after losing against Seattle Sounders with a scoreboard that displayed 2-1 in favor of the home team but the coach of Portland Timbers is certain that his team was the better one and this loss was due to the referees.

Caleb Porter expressed his opinion concerning how the match was managed and he stated that the referee of the game, Alan Kelly did not make a good job in controlling the game and the decisions that the match officials made in the game were very poor.

The 40 year old manager of Portland Timber complained about the referee in the game as he said: “Our plan was to come in and go toe-to-toe, and I thought we did that, and I thought we were far and away the better team. I thought the official was very poor. I’ll stick with the theme of coaches complaining this week, but the reality is I call a spade a spade, and the official was very poor today.”

In terms of possession, both teams had their fair share of time with the ball but Portland Timbers did have the clear upper hand in relation to the shots that were launched as the visiting team launched a total of 20 shots which is huge compared to Seattle Sounders which could only muster 6 shots but managed to score twice from those limited attempts and this is something that Portland Timbers failed to do. Continue reading “Caleb Porter believes his team was the better one but they still lost”

None belived Ike Opara after come back

Not many were completely confident in Ike Opara after the defender came back from a long-term injury problem.

The fact that he would take a long time to build his fitness back to his pre-injury levels was seen as a major concern. However, the defender has been one of the best players in MLS so far and he has also secured two goals to his name as well. Those two goals have come in match-winning performances against New York Red Bulls and New York City FC. After having missed almost 12 months of action due to a broken ankle, it was expected thatOpara would take a long time.

The 26-year-old has admitted that even he was not expecting such a brilliant run of form upon immediately returning to the pitch from a long-term injury. He will have to remain grounded sinceOpara appears to be performing exceptionally well due to the boost from a return to the starting line-up after more than a year of watching from the sidelines. Traditionally, players coming back from a long-term injury problem tend to perform well over the first few matches due to the presence of adrenaline, which goes away after the initial rush. Continue reading “None belived Ike Opara after come back”