Charlotte wants to attract a MLS franchise team

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and it seems like it’s aiming to become a ‘’soccer city’’ as this was stated by the CEO of Charlotte Chamber, Bob Morgan who has recently talked about the plans of the city which is hoping to turn into a center of attraction for fans of the sport.

“Soccer will help us attract more young people and it will allow us to attract those who were born outside of the United States. Soccer is but one example of part of a broader culture, one of a city and a region that is forward-thinking, and that is and will continue to attract companies and people. We aspire to be home to an MLS franchise,” Bob Morgan said.

On July 30 of the ongoing year, Bayern Munich faced off with Inter Milan as they played for the 2016 International Champions Cup and the German outfit came out on top with a convincing final scoreboard of 4-1. This match attracted over 50,000 fans with the majority of them being local supporters who opted to go and watch the game and it’s proof that there are a significant amount of fans located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob Morgan went on saying that these are the kind of matches that need to be played more often in Charlotte as it can help promote the sport in the city.

For the past few years, the MLS has shown a dramatic growth with more top players joining the American League and the league in itself has been increasing their amount of teams that can perform. By 2020 its expected to increase up to 28 teams which is a significant increase to the 20 teams that are currently competing at the moment.